5 Big Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

5 Big Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The Internet is full of ‘must-do’ lists on web design and Internet Marketing.  You will find many different tips on what to try and, what to use, how to manage customers and how to find customers over the Internet.

Knowing which mistakes to avoid is, however, just as important as realising what practices to follow and which tips to implement.

5 Mistakes to be on the lookout for when using Digital Marketing

  1. Pestering your customers. Marketing through e-mail is very valuable for your business.  However, lots of companies use e-mails to badger their customers, sometimes several times per week, with one offer after another.  Be sure to mix some informative articles and ideas in between your sales pitches.  Your customers do not want to feel that you contact them only when you want something.
  2. Promoting too many discounts and sales. When you constantly have products on sale or giving discounts, your customers expect to buy your products for less.  In the end, your customers would not want to buy your products when its regular priced.  This will cause problems with your regular revenue when you do not have a discount or sale event.
  3. Sounding just like your competitors. Do not adopt the approach of copying your competitor’s web content or describe your company in the same manner they do.  Rather find ways to let your business stand out in a unique way.  Different catch the eye and draw people in.
  4. Not building trust. Consumers are sceptic about what they read on the Internet.  It is up to you to do everything you can to build trust and credibility on your website.  Show that your business transactions are safe and trustworthy and that other customers are willing to vouch for you.
  5. Ignoring online reviews. Online reviews are a very important marketing tool.  Reviews are your online word-of-mouth.  Encourage your customers to leave good reviews.  When feedback is not good, take action immediately.

If you are making these mistakes, the first step would be in realising that they are holding you back.  Decide to be smarter in the future and start working towards eliminating the things holding you back.

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