What can Digital Advertising Magazines learn from their Printed Magazine Counterparts?

What can Digital Advertising Magazines learn from their Printed Magazine Counterparts?

The Print Industry has had a couple of centuries of trial –and –error in advertising, to find solutions for their challenges.  The same kind of challenges and problems also bedevil the digital side of the advertising business.  Fraud, Ad blockers and Mobilegeddon are the digital counterparts for problems handled in the Print side of the business.

5 Universal problems experienced by Digital and Print Magazines in advertising; and how to deal with it

  1. Consumers hate your advertising: A recent study found that consumers hate pop-up ads and mobile phone ads the most.  Not a good beginning for any customer relationship.  Magazine publishers figured out ways to advertise without annoying their readers and rather delighting them with their innovative solutions.
  2. Audited Circulation: You need more regulating than just self-policing when starting an advertisement.  Abiding by the rules and providing correct documentation to the correct authorities may be a hassle, but audited circulation goes a long way to solve many problems.  The Print world addressed this problem decades ago.
  3. Your Editorial Reputation is affected directly by the ads you publish: Sleazy, Spammy or Scammy ads do not endear you to your readers.  They put less trust in the content you deliver when they are confronted with pop-ups or unrelated advertising to the ‘premium content’ they expected.  That Print magazine lesson was forgotten by digital magazines.
  4. Relevant Content in Advertisements: Readers tolerates advertisements as long as the content is worthwhile.  If there is only a message and no content it might not even be read.  Ad-banks, charged at lower prices, were a saviour for printed magazines.  Ads grouped together without interfering with other content might be a solution for digital magazines.
  5. A Clean Canvas is needed to display your Content at its best: Printed magazines learned that you cannot offer up space on your content pages for advertisements.  Rather put them page to page and have a good space for content.  Publishers on the web are now relearning that quality beats quantity lesson.  Articles do not need commercial messages popping up or crawling all over your article.

Even though the demand for printed magazines lessened through the years and digital magazines flourished, the digital market can learn a few important facts from their print market counterparts.

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