A few Strategic tips to help you Launch a Digital Magazine worth reading

A few Strategic tips to help you Launch a Digital Magazine worth reading

To start working toward launching a Digital Magazine you will need focus, a plan and the expertise and tips from people that had already done just that.  You do not need to figure out things for yourself, there is loads of information already documented, you just need to implement the information.

Tips to guide you towards your ultimate goal; Publishing a Digital Magazine

Start with a subscription website.  There are many types to chose from, where your choice will be influenced by your goals.  You will need a portal with content to drive traffic and a store where visitors can buy your products.

Your website should be built to optimise the conversion of visitors to e-mail subscribers.  This means you will receive a free report for every category on your web and you can harvest e-mail addresses in return for those reports.  Your e-mail list consists of the people who most visited your web and your loyal fans.

Send e-mails regularly to your subscribers.  Your e-mails should be of high-quality editorial, as well as, promotional content.

Promote your digital magazine.  Consumers love digital magazines, but they need to know yours exist.  Find places to tell your potential readers about your magazine, for instance, social media, and mailings to other customers, and also through sending e-mails to possible new consumers.

Consumers want you to use all technology available to you.  The video is a big attraction at the moment.  You should include videos in your digital magazine content on your subscription website.  Try to get bloggers in your content niche to provide videos in return for exposure.  Get a camera and make your own videos.  It does not need to be fancy.

Above all else, as a digital publisher, you need to be willing to deliver your magazine content on every platform available to you.  This means websites, e-mails, magazines, both print and digital, videos, books and events.

Remember to re-use, recycle and repurpose content you already have and new content that you are creating.  You will become a very profitable and successful digital publisher.

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